Most people live a life of quiet desperation; struggling pay day to pay day wishing things were different, thing’s will get better yet feeling hopeless to do anything to about it.

Having long ago given up and forgotten their natural creative abilities, they see no way to improve their situation or escape the life dealt them. They live dull, uninteresting lives accepting their misery as “just the way it is”. Spending what little money they have left over (if any) each pay day on lottery tickets hoping to win the big one.

Sadly, they are trapped like dogs chasing their tails. Repeating the same daily routine over and over, hoping someday their ship comes in and changes their miserable lives.

Most people deep down inside don’t believe they can do anything themselves to bring about change so they give up on their dreams. Finding instead “trance like” comfort sitting in front of a TV watching their favorite shows, eating junk food and getting more obese by the day or worst, wasting their mind drinking, smoking and “getting high”.

These People unfortunately are completely unaware or deny the tremendous power they posses.

I know what your thinking, here we go with the positive attitude, power of the mind mumbo-jumbo stuff, right? read more…

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